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IT Support for Manufacturing – Glasgow

The manufacturing sector in the UK has become the single most targeted sector for – some surmise – state-sponsored hacking. Certainly, my experience in supporting several manufacturing and industrial businesses in the West of Scotland tells me that no security vulnerability should be left unchecked.

Colcom uses world-class Antivirus and DNS protection strategies that protect against ‘Zero day’ attacks as well as system monitoring software to detect and flag issues that may not have surfaced to the desktop.

Of course, it is not all bad news. Colcom offers you more than just international espionage protection, we also offer you excellent customer service.

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IT Support for Manufacturing Services – Glasgow

We called upon Colcom a few years ago when we were undergoing a surge in business growth and needed to manage our data handling and processing. We have since expanded staffing and premises resulting in, among many things, a Wifi Network Bridge to a remote unit allowing us greater stock and warehousing controls and improved logistics solutions and communication channels.

Colcom also continues to manage our data network our shares and our server system. He also provides our mail via the Microsoft 365 platform he manages, His remote access has proved handy too, even helping out concurrently with our website designer where these techy matters are concerned.

We have no problem recommending Colcom to other trade associates and look forward to using his services during our next expansion!

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