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IT Support for Financial Services

COur current IT Support client base in the Financial and Accounting Services sector includes small home office user groups, and fifteen user office networks. These operating both remotely from home, on a client-side fact find as well as from shared workplace environs.

The flexibility that a well-implemented IT system provides is completely scalable, whether working in a two-person environment with an eye on expansion or managing your offices move to the cloud. We at Colcom can provide you with the support and guidance you need for the next step in your business’ growth, or in meeting the next tranche of data security obligations the FCA is determined to impose.

In this regard, our experience in the Accountancy and Financial Services sector has proven to be a mutually beneficial partnership. It is in part to do with the (then) FSA’s stringent adherence to regulation regarding data handling and client information that we at Colcom honed our own minimum data security red-lines for our other customers in other service sectors well before it became de rigueur. I am one of the few to offer a thank you to the FCA in some respects.

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IT Support for Financial Services – Glasgow

We had a loose arrangement with a friend-in-business that seemed to work well for us until the situation changed. We knew of Colin’s services from other people in the trade and contacted him with a view to coming to a more formal IT Support arrangement.
Since we have brought Colcom in there has been a measured change. Certainly, the systems that were problematic and slow were remedied quickly, thereafter Colcom has implemented both a local network database and internal backup procedure alongside a client data Sharepoint database during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.
Colin has liaised well with our current suppliers, has excellent communication with my team and I find his terms and prices very reasonable too.
Neil Stewart – Stewart IFA

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