The future of computer technology

The future of computer technology will always be an evolving scientific discovery into evermore complex and minute systems; towards the electron level architecture of quantum computing, and wherever else.

Where science leads, we all follow. Some way off from ‘the electron level’; My domestic computer support service offering has changed in the fifteen years or so that I have been providing repairs locally. Where hardware upgrades and repairs were once the bulk of the work, now improvements have made hardware more stable and software more clever and intuitive.

While we have become more reliant on our computer technology; the quality of the product itself has improved immeasurably. I am not an Apple fanboy but I recognise that where they tend to lead the way with design, other manufacturers must follow or perish. This is particularly true in both the mobile and portable market.

Computer or Technology consultancy, even in the domestic context, has become more about data connectivity and integration than about the data itself. Computer network based technologies like CCTV and security systems, Wireless access and Smart Home have become the new domestic technology requirements that require sales advice, installation and support.

Last month I completed a wireless installation in a converted farmstead using satellite broadband with walls thicker than bales of hay. As I was finishing up, checking the wireless signal from the end of the driveway I was reflecting on what was once, not so long ago, solely a computer repair business and how things have changed and where science will take us yet.

I don’t expect to be offering quantum computer repairs any time soon. Research blueprints for such a computer recently published by a technology group at Sussex University estimate production costs of £100 Million and an expected completion time of ten years. For that kind of money, it should fix itself.

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