EE pulls the plug…

I was not particularly surprised recently when EE pulled the plug on all the Wanadoo, Freeserve and Orange email accounts that they acquired through business acquisitions over the years. I was quite surprised at the cack-handed way in which they did it though. One of my customers was given no warning before the lights went out on their email.

I always recommend a move away from an ISP’s mail platform. It will come as no surprise to some of you that I recommend Gmail as your primary email provider, this advice is also being touted by EE to their own customers so it’s not just me. For those of us that want secure, end to end encrypted email of the type the governments of the world will need to struggle that little harder to monitor, try Tutanota, a free email service. They have an app for mobile too.

Email encryption is only ever as robust as the security methods you employ on logging into your mailbox. Most of the main email providers now offer multi factor authentication. This will prompt you for more security information on logon or will detect what device you are using and will challenge a potentially fraudulent user that wants to access your account.

Your email address and your account information is valuable and sensitive to fraud. Given how much we depend on our email as a de facto first point of contact with our service providers, and as online fraud has advanced recently, so security is becoming more important every year. Remember that you are carrying the torch for the contacts you have too, as they will be targeted on a successful data breach of your account.

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