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EE pulls the plug…

I was not particularly surprised recently when EE pulled the plug on all the Wanadoo, Freeserve and Orange email accounts that they acquired through business acquisitions over the years. I was quite surprised at the cack-handed way in which they … Read More

The Cryptolocker Virus

In August, last year I encountered two separate instances of the Cryptolocker Virus. Although not for the first time, it prompted me to conclude in my article here the following month that, ‘these threats are going to become even more … Read More

Safe Mode

Safe mode is a handy diagnostic tool available in Windows used to repair driver and software errors or to help with virus removal. Before Windows 8 came along, starting a computer in Safe Mode was a relatively straight forward process. … Read More

The future of computer technology

The future of computer technology will always be an evolving scientific discovery into evermore complex and minute systems; towards the electron level architecture of quantum computing, and wherever else. Where science leads, we all follow. Some way off from ‘the … Read More

PC World & John Lewis

I will frequently send folks to PC World; it being relatively nearby and having a large selection of computers to choose from. I also would recommend John Lewis for their extra warranty and quality of sales. On the occasions that … Read More

Unsubscribe me please…

It is the time of year that I look at my email and see what I can unsubscribe from. We all know that every online purchase these days comes with a recurring charge – junk mail, but it is no … Read More

The Brexit vote has been blamed for many things…

The Brexit vote has been blamed for many things and lauded for few it seems. One of the ‘many things’ that, in the short term at least, is going to smart a little is the cost of overseas imports. Britain’s … Read More

The Cryptolocker virus and blackmail…

Last month I wrote about the Cryptolocker virus variants that have been proliferating lately, these are the viruses that once installed onto your computer will encrypt your information and then blackmail you into paying for your data recovery in a … Read More

Parental control options

Some depressing news recently prompts me to look at what parental control options we have available to us these days. Internet usage in the home as well as on mobile has changed so much in the last five years that … Read More

Viral Armageddon

I know two swallows don’t make a summer – as dull as that summer may be – but when I get two ‘ransomware’ virus variants in one week that I cannot repair – it makes for a Viral Armageddon in … Read More